Kyushu University Slogan Contest

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With the completion of Ito Campus in 2018, Kyushu University continues to evolve as an institution poised to take on the challenges of tomorrow. To raise the international profile of the university at such an important juncture in our history, we have decided to hold a contest to choose a new Kyushu University slogan that appeals to a broad audience.

Slogan Contest Guidelines

The slogan should clearly and concisely convey the spirit of Kyushu University.
(The concept behind the slogan must be easy to explain and must be written in Japanese or English.)

Eligibility Requirements
This contest is open only to Kyushu University students, faculty, and graduates (including graduates of the Kyushu Institute of Design). Slogans may be submitted by either individuals or groups, but submissions will only be accepted from those that can be easily contacted via email.
Submission Period
Submissions will be accepted between Thursday, June 13, 2019, and Friday, July 26, 2019.
Selection Criteria
Slogans will be selected by an internal committee.
(Slogans that resemble those of other universities, companies, and institutions will not be considered.)
An award ceremony to announce the winning submission and runner-up submissions will be held during the Kyushu University Academic Festival on Saturday, October 19, 2019. The submitter of one winning slogan will be presented with gift vouchers and a new laptop computer, and a maximum of three runners-up will receive prizes such as a smartwatch and gift vouchers.
*Prizes may be subject to change.

Award-winning submissions will be used by Kyushu University in various publications and at events.
Uses include, but are not limited to, in open campus flyers (for prospective students), research press release templates, research websites, international conference posters, brochures for international students, campus promotional materials, regional newspaper advertisements, and university-wide newspaper advertisements.
How to Apply
Submissions can be made by filling out the application page on the contest website: Registration Form
Terms & Conditions
  • ・All rights pertaining to the winning submission shall belong to Kyushu University, and the moral rights of the author shall not be exercised.
  • ・The university reserves the right to make changes to submissions in line with university guidelines or upon professional suggestion, as well as to use Japanese or English translations of submissions.
  • ・The university reserves the right to use the content of applications (excluding those that violate any third party’s rights) on the university’s website and in other publications.
  • ・Submissions must be original and must not violate any third party’s proprietary or intellectual property rights. Submissions made using another person's name or another person's work will be disqualified.
  • ・If a submission violates the terms and conditions described in the contest guidelines, or if the organizer decides that it too closely resembles the slogan of another university, companies, and institutions, the submission may be disqualified even after the winner is decided.
  • ・Contestants can submit up to three slogans at a time, and multiple submissions are allowed.
    (However, multiple submissions by a single individual may only be considered for one prize.)
Privacy Policy
Personal information listed on the application form will not be used for purposes other than those related to this contest, such as notifying the winning applicants. The winning contestant's name and affiliation may be used in announcements and advertisements related to the contest.
Contact Information
Kyushu University Public Relations — Slogan Contest
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